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Pool Day Prep!

With Memorial Day around the corner, it won't be long before all the pools are open! If you swim a lot during the summer, especially in chlorine, you may have noticed your hair doesn't feel as good as it did in the fall/winter months. Here are some quick tips to help protect your hair [...]

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Spring Cleaning for the Mind!

Spring cleaning isn't just about cleaning our physical space, it's also about taking care of our mental and emotional well-being! Just like our homes can get cluttered with unnecessary items, our minds can become cluttered with negative thoughts, feelings, and energy. So, let's talk about some good mental health practices to help "clean" your [...]

5 Benefits of Routine Massage!

Regular massage can provide numerous benefits for both the body and the mind, and as we settle into the spring it's the perfect time to add a little self care into your routine! Still not convinced? Here are 5 benefits to routine massage! Reduces Stress and Anxiety Massage is [...]

7 Delicious & Healthy Easter Brunch Options!

Easter is a time for celebration and indulgence, but it there are a lot of delicious menu options that will make a great addition to any Easter table, without breaking your diet! Here are seven ideas for a tasty and nutritious Easter brunch that will have all your guests asking for seconds. 😉 [...]


Men’s Hair Trends!

If you have a teenage boy at home you may have noticed a resurgence of hairstyles that were popular in the 80's. Here are three looks your son may ask for the next time he's in the salon: The Men's Perm: Perms have been a popular hairstyle for women [...]

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