3 Ways To Save During The Holidays

The holiday season is debatably the best few months of the year. There are parties to host and attend, great food to eat, and a feeling of joy you just don’t get the rest of the year. But let's be real. It can also be an expensive time of year! That's why GLOW is bringing [...]

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What is a GLOW?

Written by: Spencer Randolph Everyone is drawn to that glow. But what is that glow? And no, I’m not just talking about GLOWstudios, I’m talking about the glow that someone who feels truly beautiful from the inside out puts off. It's this elusive 'glow' that comes seemingly so natural to those that 'have' it.  But let [...]

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GLOWing Winter Skin

“I want to get rid of this winter skin and bring on new fresh skin for spring!” I can’t tell you how many times my clients have said this to me throughout my 12 years as an esthetician. In the winter I often see many clients with the same concern: dry and dehydrated skin caused [...]

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Sensory Sundays to Benefit Children with Autism

Another year around the sun and here we are waiting for spring to arrive. On the brink of World Autism Awareness Day (April 2), I reflect on writing about ACCEPTANCE in 2016. I wrote about standing in my fire, accepting my life and my lessons; Ashton being the biggest lesson to date. While brainstorming for [...]

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The Power of Massage

There is a phrase that I hear quite often during my massage sessions. It usually goes something like this, "Oh my gosh, I had no idea I was sore in that spot until you starting working there". (Seriously... if I had a dollar for every time someone said this phrase in a massage session...) I always [...]

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The Perfect Ponytail Tutorial

YAY Ponies! Ok guys, here it is…a step by step guide of how to achieve the perfect pony.  This is my favorite “go to” style because it can go from couch to glam with a few easy tweaks.  You don’t have to have long thick luxurious hair to achieve this look.  Like most styles it’s [...]

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Standing In Your Fire

April is Autism Awareness month.  This month brings about a complicated whirl of emotions as everything autism hits the news and I’ve spent a lot of time contemplating what my message would be.  On Autism Awareness day, what do I want you to be aware of? If you asked me 2 or 3 years ago, it [...]

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well·ness ˈwelnis/ Are you confused by the numerous and extensive options presented on how to live a “well” life?  Traditionally defined as a noun, wellness was used to describe an overall state of being. The state or condition of being in good physical or mental health. Today, that has changed. Wellness is now a movement. [...]

Waves Undone

Do you often wonder how to achieve the perfect undone hair. A look that appears effortless and doesn’t appear like you tried too hard.   A perfect style that can translate from day to night with a simple outfit change.  Here is a step to step guide to achieve a consistent style everytime. PREP THE [...]