We hear it all the time….if only I could dry my hair the same way you do it in the studio.  While we do have countless hours of practice and arm muscles – its our goal to help you GLOW at home.  Likely, its time for you to look at your brush choice. Are the bristles burned and offering little to no benefit….Here we will help you determine how to achieve a healthy GLOW all the time…



Have you often wondered why there are so many different size brushes on the market? The fact that there are so many different sizes to choose from is by design.  The size is intended to facilitate you in achieving the perfect hairstyle and blow drying effect. When it comes to shopping for and using hair brushes, size definitely matters. In general, the diameter of the hair brush is proportionate to the length of the hair.  The shorter the hair the smaller the diameter and adversely the longer the hair the larger the diameter.

short hair 20-30mm medium length 35-45mm and long hair 50+mm



Your hair is most prone to damage when it’s wet….the material composition of the brush is intended to minimize damage, facilitate shine and blow dry time.  An investment worthy brush will aid you in achieving a perfect blowout quicker.  At GLOWstudios we use and retail tourmaline vented brushes.  The brushes are carefully selected …. the vent conducts heat and allows the airflow to speed up the drying time. Tourmaline Ion technology hydrates the outer layer of your hair while combating static and increasing shine.  These brushes eliminate frizz and flyaways …aiding in a GLOWing finish every time.



Boar Bristles and Nylon Bristles are the two most popular choices on the market today. Boar bristles are pricey but ideal for frizzy, coarse and curly hair. They are optimal for the redistribution of natural oils on the hair shaft helping to soften and eliminate frizz naturally without excess product. Nylon bristles are best for straighter hairstyles or anytime we want the hair to lay flat.  The bristles are spaced further apart and provide a strong grip on all hair types, especially good for medium to fine hair strands.



Your brush choice will keep the outer layer of the hair smooth and help redistribute oil from the scalp, but they don’t work well when they’re filled with hair or residue from product. Product residue forming on the bristles is a sign your brush is due for a detox. Cleaning your brush weekly by removing excess hair and soaking in water and a small amount of shampoo to help eliminate buildup is recommended.  Remember brushes and hot tools don’t last forever, it’s important to recognize when it’s time to replace and move on!



Knowledge is power, ask your GLOWgetter which is right for you and GET GLOWing at home!