1. What makes you GLOW?

Well, besides my sweet babies at home… my clients make me Glow! I think it’s so rare to truly LOVE your job, so I feel incredibly lucky that I get to make people feel beautiful and confident while being creative and having fun at the same time! When I wake up I’m excited to catch up with my clients, hear how their vacation was, get the latest update on kids, relationships, life. Some days it’s major makeovers, some days it’s mini-therapy sessions, and some days it’s just laughing like crazy! Everyday is different and I couldn’t imagine it any other way.



2. What’s your favorite product and why?

I’ll keep my fellow fine/thin-haired girls in mind and say Sculpture by Eufora. It’s a lightweight styling glaze you apply on wet hair to reduce frizz and static and provide a medium hold. Anyone can use this product but it’s especially great for fine hair because it won’t weigh your hair down and leave that product residue feeling. Combine Sculpture with Illuminate shine spray and it not only provides lightweight moisture and shine but creates a color locking system that extends the life of your color!


3. What is one piece of advice for new clients?

Realistic expectations. You may fall in love with a picture on Pintrest but your natural hair color, texture, density, or even the amount of time you want to spend on your hair in the morning may not be compatible with that look. We will always do our best to get as close as possible without compromising the integrity of your hair, or recommend an alternative that better fits your hair and lifestyle.


4. What is something no one knows about you?

This was tough for me because most know I’m a pretty open book! One thing most people in my adult life don’t know is that I was a diver from the time I was 7 years old through high school. I competed in both 1-meter and 3-meter (high) diving. Ironically, I’ve become insanely afraid of heights with age and don’t think I could dive off of a 3-meter board now if you paid me!