How do I know if I need a brow makeover?

In a world where we have a YouTube tutorial on pretty much everything, it’s easy to find yourself asking what you can improve. Honestly, if you’re happy and confident with what you see in the mirror then that’s all the approval you need. When it comes to eyebrows, many people don’t realize the power of a good brow. For many people eyebrows are the last thing they think of if they think about them at all. Some of us are brow addicts and just obsess unnecessarily¬†over them. If you find yourself somewhere in the middle and aren’t sure what to think about your brows then this article is for YOU! ūüôā

The Brow Test

When my clients come see me for microblading, I am usually asked how I chose the color. This is a unique question because usually I try to match the natural hair as closely as possible, but it varies per person. If I have a blonde client, I will usually go a little darker than their natural color to make them more defined without going too dark. It’s important to know that choosing a pigment that will heal into the skin is very different than choosi

ng a brow makeup color. The pigment sits under the skin, so we have to take the skin undertones into consideration. There’s a science and an art to it, so trust your artist and not your brow pencil that you’ve used for 10 years. Your brow pencil can be a nice reference, but the color selection is not the same for pigments.

1. Shape and Location

The shape and location of your brows is so important. Ideally, the beginning of your brows should line up somewhere between the inner corner of your eyes and the outer edge of your nose bridge. If they start past the inner corner of your eyes, they are probably too far apart and are creating imbal

ance and a widening effect on your face. It’s important that they are TOO close either. Eyebrows are all about balance. Sometimes a natural brow is considered “misshapen” if they are too over plucked (pictured right), or grow naturally into and unflattering shape (naturally downturned brows pictured above).¬† These shapes are usually unflattering and can be altered with microblading and other permanent makeup solutions.

2.  Color

The color of your brows are important. They shouldn’t be too dark or too light. Again it’s about balance. Many of my clients are blondes so their natural hair is so light that it does not looked defined. There are a few solutions to this. If you have a lot of natural hair but it’s very light, I suggest getting them professionally tinted or use a tinted brow gel to add color. The lightest shade should work and just build the color up slightly to make them pop. A little goes a long way. If you add makeup to your brows please make sure they are not too dark. Often times ladies copy makeup tips from YouTube videos not realizing that their brows are way too dark and it then ends up taking away from their natural beauty.

3. Personality

Your brows should have personality. They are yours and they are not all alike. When I create or enhance brows for my clients, I stay as close to their natural shape and color as possible so they don’t lose their uniqueness. Often times a finished product is just a more flattering version of their own brows. Keep this in mind when you start admiring “perfect” brows on Instagram… not all brows look good on everyone. Often those IG brows are loaded with makeup and on youthful tight skin. As we age we all lose tautness and our faces change. We should not try to alter who we are, but instead enhance our own unique beau