Written by:  Amy Mullins

Eyelashes are a constant evolving beauty trend. From mascara and eyelash strips, to lash growth serums and eyelash extension; a variety of lash-fabulous options are ready to fulfill and enhance one’s beauty-lash dreams.

For the lash-lovely, who is looking for an option which works with one’s natural lashes and maintains the integrity of the lashes, when performed by a licensed esthetician, GLOWstudios offers eyelash lifts and tinting.  Both options, whether performed separately or as a pair, are a manageable beauty expense and time friendly option for our busy GLOWguest. And with proper care and professional application, these services are a guaranteed way to minimize your beauty routine.

Our eyelash lifts and tints are performed, in our tranquil GLOWspa space, by our talented esthetician who works with a professional line of  products. After a thorough consultation, of our guest’s lash needs and desires, a simple procedure is performed to create one’s lash wishes.

Eyelash lifts begin with our guest lying down with your eyes closed.  Next, your lashes are thoroughly cleaned. A collagen pad is placed under your eye for protection and as a bonus is a treatment for your undereyes.  A curl mold is chosen depending on the guest’s lash length and desired curl level. Lashes are individually guided around the mold and a lash-friendly perm solution is applied.  After 10-15 minutes, the perm solution is wiped clean and a setting solution is brushed on to set the curl. Once the setting process is completed, lashes are wiped clean and keratin conditioning treatment is applied to the newly curled lashes.  Afterwards, It is highly recommended guests keep their lashes free of moisture and oils for the next 24 hours, allowing your lashes to set thoroughly.

Eyelash tinting is a much shorter process and can be performed on its own or in combination with an eyelash lift.  This service, also, begins with our guest lying down. An eyepad is applied to the eyelids for protection and a cream based semi-permanent dye is applied to the lashes.  The dye processes, for 10 minutes, and the lashes are wiped clean leaving the clients with a darker hue. Our esthetician is able to customize colors depending on the guest’s desire, ranging from natural to a darker and bold look.  Again, it is highly recommended that Guests keep their lashes free of moisture and oils for the next 24 hours.

GLOWguests interested in more information or ready to book this simple beauty application, with eye changing results, can call to book an appointment with our GLOWskin esthetician at (703)723-0900.