FACE IT…we all need to take care of our skin.

An essential part of our beauty routine is making sure we maintain a youthful glow.  Our facials focus on your individual needs and help you keep your skin in the game!


Do you have rough, lackluster, aged, environmentally stressed skin?

This facial incorporates a Honey TriZyme Peel + a Nordic Detox mask to ensure your skin functions optimally by clearing away build up, deeply purifying, repairing, replenishing, and protecting your skin while strengthening it’s environmental defenses.

After one treatment your skin is plump, nourished, detoxified, and hydrated.

INCLUDES: deep cleansing, exfoliation with a Honey TriZyme Peel (raw honey enzymes and natural alpha hydroxy acids), deep detox mask, and massage followed by probiotic essence for a soothing, plumping, reparative GLOW


For all skin types in need of light exfoliation and instant results.This nourishing 30 min facial leaves you GLOWing. Hydrating peptides, brightening botanicals, and natural skin brighteners go to work to increase the water retention in your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

$65 (add on $50)

BACK FACIAL – Let Your Back GLOW (30-45 min)
Feeling of a massage gloriously combined with the cleansing power of a facial. Starts with gentle steaming to open pours and lift impurities, followed by a deep cleaning exfoliation. The scrub will target any problematic tough to reach areas or spots. A theraputic purifying mask is applied to help cleanse and hydrate. Warm towels and massage are also included for added relaxation.


Restore skin’s vitality and reveal a bright, youthful complexion. Anti-oxidants and lactic acid stimulate collagen production, strengthen elasticity and reduce fine lines and discoloration.

INCLUDES: Cleansing, lactic acid exfoliation, massage, anti-oxidant brightening mask, and anti-aging treatment products


Ultrasound technology cleanses your skin by removing dead skin cells, dirt, and debris. For clients with sensitive or acne-prone skin, ultrasound works to painlessly extract pores and exfoliate the skin, while leaving skin smooth and hydrated.

INCLUDES: Ultrasonic skin cleansing and exfoliation, extractions, purifying mask, soothing mask, massage, and anti-redness treatment products


TEEN FACIAL (45 min)
Statistics show that 8 in 10 teenagers struggle with acne. If left untreated, it can lead to scarring and emotional issues.

A teen facial will provide a targeted treatment using effective yet gentle products to reveal healthy skin. You will also learn the importance of home care and also understand behaviors that lead to further breakouts.

Ten minutes is saved at the end to of the treatment to discuss at-home protocols with a parent.


Ultrasound technology infuses hydration serums deep into the skin to smooth fine lines revealing a youthful, radiant complexion. A collagen mask is then applied to moisturize and tighten, restoring your skin’s elasticity.

INCLUDES: Cleansing, lactic-acid exfoliation, ultrasonic product penetration, massage, collagen treatment mask, and anti-aging treatment products



3-pack (save $15)

  • Seasonal $315
  • Anti-Aging $390
  • Deep Cleansing $420

6-pack (save $60)

  • Seasonal $630
  • Anti-Aging $690
  • Deep Cleansing $840


Chemical Peel
Smoothes and resurfaces the skin by removing dead and damaged skin cells from the surface of the skin. Peels help remove wrinkles, stimulate collagen and lighten hyperpigmentation.


Collagen Mask
Hydrates, soothes and moisturizes the skin by delivering plant based collagen into the skin. Collagen Masks increase your skin’s ability to hold moisture and give your skin a beautiful glow. (includes eye area)


Collagen Eye Treatment
Soothes and hydrates the delicate under eye area, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.


Ultrasonic Exfoliation and Ultrasonic Product Penetration
Two Benefits of Ultrasound Technology: 1. Cleanses your skin by removing dead skin cells, dirt, and debris. Excellent for sensitive skin to unclog pores. 2. Infuses hydration serums deep into the skin to smooth fine lines and hydrate the skin.




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*Private tutorials work directly with our style guru to learn at-home maintenance and application of your go-to natural beauty products

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations and appointment changes must be done by calling the studio at (703) 723-0900.

Due to our small space and the increased demand for our glowing expertise, we reserve your time just for you. Thank you for understanding we require a 24 hour notice for cancelling appointments so that we can best serve our loyal guests. All guests will need to sign a cancellation waiver.

If cancelling within 24 hours of your appointment time, GLOWSTUDIOS will charge your account 50% of the service fee. Guests that do not show for their scheduled appointment time will be responsible for 100% of the service fee that they were scheduled to receive.