Do you often wonder how to achieve the perfect undone hair. A look that appears effortless and doesn’t appear like you tried too hard.   A perfect style that can translate from day to night with a simple outfit change.  Here is a step to step guide to achieve a consistent style everytime.

  1. PREP THE HAIR – This is the MOST IMPORTANT step and often the one most overlooked.  Just as your car to drive without gas….you can’t expect to maintain your style without the proper products.   On clean hair, spray a liberal amount of  texturizing spray throughout the entire head. My spray of choice is Eufora Full Effects.  This gives the hair dimension and life.  Next use a root lifting powder to help add texture and create a workable surface.  Eufora Powder Lift sprinkled lightly at the root line will add weighless volume and leave your hair looking and feeling thicker.
  2. DIVIDE the hair into two sections from forehead to nape.  These sections will determine the direction of your curl.
  3. CREATE THE CURL by staring with 1 inch sections and wrapping the hair back away from your face.  The heated barrel of the styling wand should be facing down the opposite direction of a curling iron. Hair will be in front of the wand and you will wrap back and down the barrel.   IMPORTANT: do not touch the curl once you release it from the wand.  Allow the curl to cool in it’s original form.  Continue to work back towards your dividing line keeping curls the same direction. Then repeat on other side.
  4. SHAKE IT OUT – once your curls are completed, using your hand lightly shake the curls to break them apart and create dimension.
  5. PUT IT BACK TOGETHER – Now that your curls are undone, create form by twisting pieces of hair together and lightly coating with light styling spray or light wax spray. My product of choice is Details spray wax from Eufora. The aerosol makes it easy to apply and gives definition without looking heavy or clumpy. It also does not leave the hair hard but soft and pliable. 

You can control the amount of form and structure in the style based on how many curls you decide to put back together.  Play with it and have fun. You are sure to get many compliments as your hair will be flawless and effortless in its  appearance.